Baja delle Sirene

In the ancient heart of Taranto


For centuries we have welcomed

The Santamato family has been operating in the maritime sector since 1908. Registered and custum agents for generations, the Santamato  family purchased an old property in 2008, expandind their sphere of activity. The new business is still linked to travel, the sea and the commitment to welcome and meet those who come from distant lands. In 2011, in fact, the structure became one of the most fascinating and prestigious accomodation facilities in the city of Taranto.

The structure

A dive into history

Built in 1700, Palazzo Santamato was extended until 1848. The work on the structure brings to light ancient stratifications. From the remains of the ancient 20th century paving Рdating back to the De Gennaro family, owner of the Belle Epoque cinemas and cafés Рto the ipogeo of Palazzo de Beaumont Bonelli-Bellacicco, which today houses the Spartan Museum of Taranto. A stay in Baja delle Sirene is a journey into the ancient heart of Taranto.

The logo

The sirens and the caravels

A French coin, minted in 1762 by Louis XIV, inspires our logo. Destined to some colony or district for trade and transport, the coin represents sirens and caravels. An important emblem for the maritime traffic of the time, the effigy recalls the bond between Taranto and its French cousins, but also the legendary sirens that for millennia have populated myths and tales on the banks of the Ionian Sea.