What break do you need?

Thanks to the enviable position of the Ionian chief-town , in the heart of Puglia and overlooking the sea, and the consolidated network of tourist partners, we can transform short stays into real opportunities for discovery and relaxation. Choose the theme of your stay, we will take care of the rest.


The Gulf of Wonders

Taranto is the ideal destination for those who thirst for knowledge. Discover the city, diving into the heart of Magna Graecia, exploring the Aragonese castle, chasing cetaceans and dolphins by sea. Or set off to discover the gulf: travelling east, the wonders of Salento await you, while in the west the rocky civilizations and the stones of Matera are less than an hour away.


Tastes of Puglia

A gastronomic journey to discover the flavors that have allowed Puglia to become the queen of the tables halfway around the world: the best grape varieties in the world, processed as in the past, transformed as tradition teaches; The gold of our land, liquid and dense: the flavors of the sea, typical experience of the mother island of Taranto.


A dip in the blue

Choose the ideal bathing experience to break the daily frenzy: we’ll take you to pristine sand dunes, away from the crowds; or in the most exclusive facilities, for an elegant and refined break; or in the best water parks in Puglia, where fun is guaranteed for young and old alike.